• The latter-day cult of the coach needs a rethink
    The goalkeeper on the teenage boys' team that I coach was away for the weekend. No worries, we have a good back-up.
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    There's a very good chance that you attended a big-time soccer game run by Thom Meredith.
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    The Washington Post's Steven Goff is unique among American soccer journalists. He has covered the sport for the same newspaper longer than any other full-time newspaper soccer reporter in the USA.
  • Are Video Refs suffocating soccer?
    "Not just an atmosphere-killer, but a wrong decision too," said SC Freiburg striker Nils Petersen after his team were denied a 4-3 stoppage-time win
  • The troubling case of U.S. Soccer coaching vacancies
    U.S. Soccer has failed to keep its youth national team head coaches on board, while failing to hire replacements.
  • U.S. midfielder Joel Sonora breaks through in Argentina and aims to follow in father's footsteps
    Joel Sonora, 22, has been with Talleres since January of 2018 but has only recently seen an upward trend in playing time.
  • Instead of moaning, get involved
    The local club where I coach in has signed up to the German federation's Fair Play campaign, which is of course only right and good.
  • Tony Lepore on how U.S. Soccer scouts talent for its boys national teams
    Tony Lepore is the Director of Boys Talent Identification for U.S. Soccer, which this month launched a new Talent Scout License.
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    While this year's Spirit team is young, as in its 2013 debut, Richie Burke is optimistic about his new team
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    Without question, Chris Durkin has a lot on his plate these days as 2019 is shaping up to be an important year for the talented midfielder on many different levels.
  • What's more important -- soccer or human rights?
    Finland's midfielder Riku Riski last month withdrew from his country's friendly against Sweden because it was being played in Qatar.
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    Nick Lima, the standout player for the USA in its two most recent games, took what is now an unconventional path to pro soccer.
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    Last year marked Ray Reid's 30th season as a college head coach.