• Gedion Zelalem: 'I can share my potential with Sporting Kansas City with a little bit of patience'
    Now 22, the former U.S. U-20 and U-23 is ready to essentially start his pro career for the first time.
  • U.S. Soccer welcomes new Paralympics challenge
    Imagine an entire country is trying to pick up that sport from scratch and come up with a team that can compete internationally.
  • Keegan Pierce: An American in London working for Spain's LaLiga
    Keegan Pierce, who fell in love with soccer while growing up in Oakland, California, serves as Spain LaLiga's Delegate to the UK & Ireland.
  • Nourishing a Youth Sublime
    Germany beat the Netherlands in Amsterdam this past Sunday in a magnificent game that served up five goals.
  • Pateadores' Ted Chronopoulos on the Development Academy, Latino talent, and soccer 'homework' for kids
    Ted Chronopoulos, who played in MLS from its inception in 1996 to 2002, is the Boys Academy Director of Pateadores.
  • Fantastic FIFA and its Win-Win President
    The colossal financial pillars of the European game have started to feel the benefits of Infantino's healing hands upon their bank accounts
  • Does the USA need yet another youth league? The USL says yes
    Another year, another youth soccer competition. As always, the competition's goals sound good but raise a few thorny questions.
  • Marc Nicholls on the Seattle Sounders' youth movement, the USL avenue, and inspiration from Uruguay
    The Seattle Sounders, whose youth program is one of MLS's most ambitious, is using their USL affiliate to help fast-track their players to the first team.
  • The soccer world still awaits clarity on the handball rule
    FIFA's rule-making body, the International Football Association Board (IFAB), earlier this month presented its adjustments to next season's laws.
  • Swiss coach gets a gift from U.S. Soccer
    Raphael Wicky is a lucky man. For the last seven months, he was an unemployed Swiss coach. Now, he's the U.S. U-17 boys coach.
  • Youth club director Liz Lima on empowering girls, crucial coaching traits, and club vs. high school
    Liz Lima is the owner and director of Massachusetts club South Shore Select.
  • In praise of blow-for-blow drama over tactical stalemates
    It seems like a simple question. Would you rather watch a 0-0 draw or a game that ends 3-2?