• Soccer must show zero tolerance for intolerance
    Racism and bigotry in soccer probably never went away. They've just been hiding under a slime-plated stone, waiting for the right political climate to crawl out.
  • U.S. youth clubs left in dark about FIFA's Women's World Cup benefits program
    FIFA is dividing $8.48 million among clubs where players were developed and currently play. U.S. youth clubs didn't receive the application form.
  • Landon Donovan addresses Latino exclusion from U.S. Soccer Youth Task Force
    Landon Donovan is among the Athlete Council members who serve on a Youth Task Force Working Group
  • Coaching young players to respect the ref
    On Saturday I refereed a boys' U-19 league game. As usual, I researched the disciplinary record of the teams beforehand.
  • Latinos shunned by U.S. Soccer Youth Task Force
    In October 2018, U.S. Soccer launched a nine-member Youth Soccer Task Force whose only Latino member was the U.S. Soccer President, Carlos Cordeiro
  • Weston McKennie: Already an experienced, core player for the USA at age 21
    Weston McKennie, who turned 21 on Aug. 28, made his 50th Bundesliga appearance.
  • ECNL president Christian Lavers: 'Games between DA and ECNL clubs would be fantastic'
    The Girls Elite Clubs National League (ECNL), founded in 2009, kicked off its 11th season with 96 clubs.
  • A pay raise for the U.S. men?
    Amid the talk of "equal pay" for the women's national team is an inconvenient truth ...
  • 'Identification players' defined by character, not where they come from
    The Celtic FC team that won the European Cup in 1967 with a team of Scots all born within a 30-mile radius of Glasgow is now a historical curiosity that will not be repeated in my lifetime.