• Barry Pauwels on U.S. Soccer's Belgian-Dutch leadership, Raphael Wicky's expertise, and the Youth Task Force
    Barry Pauwels, who arrived from Belgium, has been U.S. Soccer's Director of Coach Education for nearly two years.
  • Benji Joya finds ideal career move with Oakland Roots
    Raised in San Jose, California, Joya started out with Mexico's Santos Laguna and debuted in Liga MX shortly after his 19th birthday in 2012.
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  • Earnie Stewart on the USA's Under-17 disappointment, hiring YNT coaches, and the Latino issue
    Earnie Stewart, as U.S. Soccer Sporting Director oversees the men's and women's national teams and their youth national team programs.
  • A tied game -- the perfect result for a youth coach?
    "Next goal wins!" is the standard coach's shout a couple of minutes before the end of practice.
  • Klaas de Boer on scouting for U.S. Soccer: The Development Academy operates in a bubble
    Since immigrating to the USA from the Netherlands in 1956 at age 14 with his family, Klaas de Boer has been involved with nearly every level of American soccer, including professional, college and youth coaching.
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    After guiding Texans SC Houston to the 2017 Development Academy U-17/18 title, Quill moved to FC Dallas to coach its second team.
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    It's a well-worn complaint that top-heavy wealth means Europe's biggest leagues have become predictable to the point of tedium.
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    The blame for the U.S. soccer world's woes can be spread over many parties -- players, coaches, lawyers, etc.