• New US Youth Soccer CEO Skip Gilbert on his soccer roots, the USSF's 'huge responsibility,' and working with MLS
    U.S. Youth Soccer, the largest member of the U.S. Soccer with about 3 million players under its umbrella, began the year with a new CEO.
  • Arsenal and Man United fans experiencing The Thrill of the Unexpected
    Within living memory, Arsenal and Manchester United were a more or less guaranteed annual presence in the European Champions League
  • The U.S. Open Cup has identity and scheduling problems. Here's a four-step solution.
    Like the FA Cup, the U.S. Open Cup started as a national championship when no league could claim to be the country's top division.
  • Dax McCarty comes to MLS newcomer Nashville with veteran experience and quest for excellence
    With newcomers Nashville SC, Dax McCarty gets the chance to accompany a club -- lead that club -- in its initial steps. He's excited about the opportunity.
  • Darlington Nagbe on coming home to Ohio, reuniting with Caleb Porter, and not playing for the USA
    Might Darlington Nagbe's move to the Columbus Crew -- closer to home and reunited with Caleb Porter -- be his ticket back to the U.S. national team?
  • Lalas Abubakar on MLS's growing appeal to Ghanaians, feeling comfortable in Colorado, and welcoming Auston Trusty
    Lalas Abubakar has become one of the most recognizable players in the American game, and not only because he has the wildest hair in Major League Soccer.
  • Big Brother, robot and soccer businesswomen highlight Exhibit Hall
    The United Soccer Coaches convention's Exhibit Hall is always an exhilarating and bewildering place to be.
  • U.S. Soccer should retreat from youth soccer
    It's time to trust the clubs to create their own roadmap and to allow for more regionalization.
  • Texan teen playmaker Marcelo Palomino aims to break through with Tab Ramos-led Houston Dynamo
    One of the more intriguing stories of the upcoming MLS season will be the debut of Tab Ramos as coach of the Houston Dynamo.
  • Can you market 'authenticity'?
    The major soccer event may have passed you by, but last week Eintracht Frankfurt opened an office in Manhattan.
  • Julio Serrano on advocating for Latino coaches in the USA
    Julio Serrano was appointed Chair of United Soccer Coaches' Latino Coaches Advocacy Group in October of 2019.
  • Avoiding Qatar proves not so difficult after all
    No matter how old and cynical I become, I'm still naive enough to hope that the world may become a better place.
  • 'The Selling of Women's Professional Soccer': Valuable insight delivered by an embedded author
    Rachel Allison addresses balancing the traditional youth player-and-parent market with the 21st century idea: marketing to those who are single and childless.