• 'Weird and Wonderful' soccer shirts celebrate a unique branch of fashion
    The 1990s are "widely regarded as the decade when football shirt design lost its mind," writes Richard Johnson.
  • Backup plans: Ideas for finishing European season are imperfect but something will have to be done
    The discussion of the fairest way to declare champions, European places, relegation, etc. can't be put off much longer.
  • The best soccer documentary is made in New Jersey
    "Soccertown, USA" is not just a New Jersey story. It revisits, explains and celebrates a seminal era of American soccer.
  • Bugeaters FC owner Jonathan Collura: It's a time for clubs to partner up, focus on being a community hub, and help those in need
    The Bugeaters, named after Nebraskans forced to subsist on insects during a late 19th century plague, played at Creighton's 6,000-seat Morrison Stadium before the COVID-19 stoppage.
  • Will COVID-19 push U.S. women's lawsuit to settlement or catastrophe?
    Officially, the U.S. women and the U.S. Soccer may still face off in court on May 5 -- a serious Cinco de Mayo buzzkill.
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