• Amir Lowery on his bid for Congress, his work for the MLS Players Association, and his D.C. inner city youth program
    Amir Lowery, who's running for Washington, D.C.'s delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives, is a man who wears many hats.
  • Peter Vermes: The USA's Italia '90 team created 'Hey, we can do this' attitude
    Peter Vermes, head coach of Sporting Kansas City since 2009, is among the many members of the Italia 90 squad still involved in soccer.
  • Meatpacking towns teem with soccer talent striving for opportunities
    Latino migration to Midwest and Southern states created communities such as the one in Lexington, Nebraska, where soccer is the children's predominant pastime.
  • Lesle Gallimore: The Girls Academy will listen to players
    The highly regarded leader is the new (and first) commissioner of the national, 67-club league that arose from the ashes of the ill-fated Development Academy.
  • '2012: The Year That Saved Women's Soccer' -- when the WPSL Elite League set a stage for the stars
    Another league had folded, but this time, the U.S. women's soccer community refused to go back into the professional wilderness.
  • What is handball? Nobody knows any more
    There was a video question in my online refereeing exam concerning a possible penalty for a handball offense.
  • The USA's Italia '90 youngster Chris Henderson recalls the profound World Cup impact
    Upon the 30th anniversary of the USA's 1990 World Cup appearance, we're checking in with the players from Coach Bob Gansler's team.
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