• Black player history in England: Who broke through first at the 92 clubs and the prejudice they had to overcome
    The authors list the first Black players at each of the current English league clubs. By necessity, some like Howard Gayle make multiple appearances.
  • UConn's Ray Reid commits to diversifying the college coaching ranks
    Fewer than a dozen NCAA Division I men's soccer head coaches are Black. Three of them played for Ray Reid.
  • What happened to the conversation about the future of soccer?
    Paris St. Germain's star ego Neymar has left Nike after 15 years and signed up with Puma instead. The deal is reported to be worth $30 million a year to the player.
  • Former Marine Corps drill instructor Rick Flores on mentoring coaches in New Mexico
    In his soccer posts, he firmly believes that the best way to impact people is through education and collaboration. He is in the business of helping soccer grow.
  • Jason Kutney leads expanded ECNL Boys into a new era: the COVID impact, MLS Next, sensible travel and high school cooperation
    Jason Kutney played New Jersey youth ball in the 1990s and climbed the Region I ladder to play with the elite of that era often under watchful eye of Manfred Schellscheidt.
  • Todd Saldana on the LAFC academy's measured approach, respecting youth clubs, and his mentor Sigi Schmid
    LAFC's academy debuted two years before the first team took the field and a year before Bob Bradley came on board.
  • 'Thanks, ref' -- two simple words to boost the game
    When that basic human interaction doesn't happen, you start to feel resentment and wonder if it's all worth the effort for such a meager financial return.
  • 1980s star Kim Crabbe is dedicated to grassroots outreach: 'It's so important, for so many kids'
    In 1986 - after leading George Mason University to the NCAA title - Kim Crabbe became the first Black player called into the U.S. women's national team.
  • Lutz Pfannenstiel: St. Louis soccer's new boss wrote a unique book about the global game
    Lutz Pfannenstiel, who grew up in a small German town, played in more than a dozen nations on six continents.
  • National Soccer Hall of Fame voting system needs a complete overhaul -- here's how
    Hall voters snubbed Hope Solo, a two-time World Cup Golden Glove winner, World Cup champion and two-time Olympic gold medalist.
  • John Ellinger on U.S. youth soccer progress since the 1999ers, the DA's big impact, and high school ball
    John Ellinger, now Baltimore Armour boys academy director, played a major role in the development of a generation of legendary American players.
  • Going to a ghost game: A strange spectacle of soundless stands and a sad Krazy George
    Geisterspiel, ghost game in English, entered the common lexicon as the Bundesliga in mid-May became Europe's first major league to return to play amid COVID.
  • London, loneliness and a long, hot World Cup summer
    The prose is as understated as his presence at the back of the bar, his wit as dry as the city's harsh, hot summer.
  • A Scotland-California alliance aims to boost young Rangers in Orange County and Glasgow
    The agreement, put in place last December, has many facets that will, those involved anticipate, pay off handsomely down the line.
  • Brian Tompkins on athletes fighting for social justice: 'I have more than hope. I have expectations'
    A coach can create "a culture of respect" but the hard work of developing awareness, sensitivity and empathy must be done by everyone.