• Jason O'Keefe rebounds at Robert Morris after App State shuttered the program he rebuilt
    A year ago, Jason O'Keefe was living a soccer coach's dream. In four years at Appalachian State, he'd brought the Mountaineers back to their glory days.
  • Djorn Buchholz on the Hall of Fame's new selection process and working amid American soccer greatness
    Since Djorn Buchholz became the National Soccer Hall of Fame's executive director, the NSHOF moved into FC Dallas' stadium and revamped its selection process.
  • USA vs. USA? A matchup with many merits for Olympic-bound women
    Ali Krieger famously said the USA has "the best team in the world and the second-best team in the world."
  • Lavender oils and left foot first -- at home with the Lewandowskis
    Like millions of soccer-playing kids, I dreamed of becoming a pro. Not just any old professional, but the best one in the world, and in my backyard I scored the winning goal for Scotland in the World Cup final almost every day.
  • Mary Harvey on the crucial connection between sports and human rights
    The starting goalkeeper for the U.S. team that won the first-ever Women's World Cup in 1991, Mary Harvey continues to impact sports worldwide.
  • Hugo Perez on taking charge of El Salvador's Olympic quest, rising U.S. talent, and Mexico's 'excellent' setup
    The USA's 6-0 win over El Salvador in December inspired U.S. Hall of Famer to return to his native country and take charges of its U-23.
  • Rethink the typical youth player pathway by replacing the pyramid
    Check any soccer club's website at the United Soccer Coaches convention, and you'll see a nifty "pathway" graphic.
  • Remembering Geoff Barnett: 'I'm not driving a ****ing Chevette!'
    I was very saddened to hear that former Arsenal and Minnesota Kicks goalkeeper (and later coach) Geoff Barnett passed away last week, age 74.
  • Coaches Convention done virtually still succeeds to energize
    The United Soccer Coaches convention is always a beehive of activity, with coaches, club execs, journalists and vendors.
  • Schools hold the key to growing soccer culture and access to play in the USA
    The potential for schools to play a larger and more significant role in American youth soccer has been on my mind for some time now.
  • MLS labor talks: Agreeing on shared vision of 2021 and shared sense of urgency is hard when trust is broken
    The MLSPA's Bob Foose described players as "very frustrated, they're certainly angry" that they've been asked to return to the bargaining table.
  • Hoppe's serene hat trick makes the case for giving youth a chance
    "Youth is full of sport, age's breath is short/Youth is nimble, age is lame," William Shakespeare wrote some time ago. He would doubtless have been thrilled by Matthew Hoppe.
  • Ralph Perez on his 46-year coaching journey with U.S. national teams, the pros and college -- and the icons he worked with
    Ralph Perez has worked alongside a Who's Who of American soccer coaches -- plus a few international legends -- in a 46-year coaching career.
  • Greg Vanney: The right man to return the Galaxy to glory
    The importance of Greg Vanney's return to Southern California, where he played college soccer, started and closed his professional career, and took his first steps as a MLS coach, cannot be understated.
  • Lynn Berling-Manuel on the attraction of the digital Coaches Convention and COVID's effect on the U.S. soccer community
    The 80th Convention of United Soccer Coaches (previously known as the NSCAA), originally planned for Anaheim, California, has been forced to go digital by COVID and takes place Jan. 11-15.
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