• Georgetown's Brian Wiese on defending a national title during the pandemic: 'Getting on the field is a win'
    "It takes a lot of mental energy" to adapt to the new normal, Weise says. "But we're just happy to be out there playing."
  • Amid the pandemic, Indiana's weather-proof Grand Park becomes college soccer hub
    The 370,000-square foot indoor space - peaked in the middle with an 82-foot roof - that is the "wow" factor for the many college soccer teams.
  • Player power at U.S. Soccer: Cobi Jones is the latest former star aiming for a leadership role
    Depending on the result of this weekend's election at the AGM, the ranks of former national team players at the USSF could rise.
  • A battle for the soul of U.S. Soccer
    The federation must implement federally mandated changes to its voting structure. How it goes about it is a matter of great debate.
  • Beating Bayern is more than just winning a game of soccer
    Bayern's entitled conduct, its persecution complex and its spoiled, whiney tone imply that we are not showing enough respect.
  • Brian Schmetzer on Seattle soccer culture, his family, his mentors and lessons from his playing career
    The Seattle Sounders have been Major League Soccer's most successful club since hometown boy Brian Schmetzer took the reins.
  • Paul Krumpe on the key college soccer issues, American talent growth, and his Olympic & World Cup experiences
    Paul Krumpe, a national champion with UCLA, Olympian and World Cup vet, has been Loyola Marymount men's head coach since 1998.
  • Bryan Turner on understanding the pressures faced by teenage athletes
    Bryan Turner loved everything about soccer. Though he was the only Black player on many teams, the game helped him make friends everywhere.
  • Why fans of sports are loving Leeds United
    Here's a simple question with no easy answer. Is the idea of professional sports to entertain the fans, or to win games and honors at any cost?
  • Greg Lalas on soccer cinema: outstanding documentaries; inspiring, informative and fun films; and the eternal appeal of 'Victory'
    In 2009, soccer journalist Greg Lalas and Rachel Markus founded the Kicking+Screening Soccer Film Festival.
  • Rubio Rubin on being coached by Maradona, Donovan, and his hopes for Real Salt Lake
    Diego Maradona took Rubio Rubin aside after practice and told him, "Always end on a good note. Never finish on a bad shot."
  • PA Classics' Steve Klein on the post-DA landscape, the pandemic effect, and Pulisic in perspective
    PA Classics -- the club Christian Pulisic joined as a youngster, and where he played much of his youth soccer -- downplays their role in his development.
  • Understanding Nicolas Anelka: Netflix documentary takes on the complex career of 'Le Sulk'
    His family, his advocates and his former colleagues, and even Nicolas Anelka himself, know exactly why he fell out with so many clubs and coaches.
  • Hall of Fame improves selection process but should make room for more inductees
    Thanks to the stingy voters of past years, we have quite a backlog of worthy candidates for the National Hall of Fame.
  • Esmeralda Negron on bringing women's soccer into fans' 'hearts, minds and homes'
    As co-founder and general manager of Atalanta Football, Esmeralda Negron is securing rights and distribution deals for women's clubs around the world.
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