• Tony Quinn on seeing and sharing the soccer world through his camera lens
    The many great photographers who have contributed to Soccer America during its 50 years include Tony Quinn, the 2019 recipient of the National Soccer Hall of Fame Colin Jose Media Award.
  • Whose game is it? A philosophical take on the Super League controversy
    Elitism trickles down to youth sports, especially soccer. Playing in elite leagues requires vast expenditures of money, either from the players' parents or other benefactors.
  • Who is this 'global fan'?
    One of several obvious takeaways from last week's surreal rollout and hilariously prompt retreat of the putative European Super League was that soccer executives have no idea what fans want.
  • American soccer's missing resource: time
    Sixty years of trying has gotten us to where we are today. Eighty-nine pro teams operating this spring. Quite amazing actually. But still very, very imperfect.
  • From Spain to the USA: Eloisa Borreguero on climbing soccer's male-dominated coaching ladder
    When Eloisa Borreguero took a Royal Spanish soccer federation goalkeeping license course, she was 19 years old. And she was also the only woman, surrounded by 44 men.
  • Alexi Lalas on the former U.S. men's and women's players in power, diversity of opinion, and the new generation of Americans abroad
    Alexi Lalas' U.S. national team playing career included lining up at times with Earnie Stewart and Brian McBride and overlapped with Gregg Berhalter's
  • Children's rights include playtime: iACT sets up soccer in refugee camps
    Katie-Jay Scott and her husband Gabriel Stauring are the driving forces behind iACT. The non-profit works with refugees in Chad, Tanzania, Cameroon and Greece.
  • Foul throw lenience reflects crass inconsistency of top-level officiating
    One of the most challenging aspects of soccer's rules is their openness to interpretation. The introduction of micro-refereeing through technology (that is, VAR) has brought this into fresh focus.
  • The success of MLS reaches profoundly into American soccer
    Major League Soccer injected a crucial ingredient into boosting American soccer culture - pro teams that didn't betray their fans.
  • Discovering a window to the soccer world at the Duke library
    Thanks to the Soccer America's weekly arrivals, I knew Mia Hamm wasn't just some steamroller at our rival school.
  • David Caetano on Portugal's player development, mental fitness and the importance of nurturing creativity
    David Caetano has spent the past few decades observing differences between player development in Portugal and the USA.
  • Now landing in your inbox and not mailbox, Soccer America's strengths remain true
    It was back near the start of the century, and I'd called Mike Woitalla out of the blue to ask him what he thought of two new soccer magazines that had just hit the U.S. market.
  • Bill Taylor, U.S. Soccer's new vice president on his Maui soccer roots, getting up to speed at the federation and bringing futsal into elementary schools
    Taylor started with AYSO at age 5, played for a German coach he remembers fondly, and got a taste of international competition in Hawaii.
  • My rewarding relationship with Soccer America and reflections on its first 50 years
    I wanted to write for the best, and truest, publication: Soccer America. It was to me the New York Times of the soccer world.
  • Pele, the brutal dictator, and the 1970 World Cup
    What does Pele have in common with the Beatles? They are both mass cultural phenomena, huge in the 60s. They're both the greatest in their field, you could argue.