• Euro 21, round of 16: Four days when favorites fell, but thick with thrills
    Four days of knockout action brought us eight games that were mainly mesmerizing, thriving on the tension.
  • Elite refs Christina and Ted Unkel provide insight into the complexities of soccer officiating
    It's easy to comment on an official's call, after the fact. It's infinitely harder to make that call in the heat of the moment.
  • Women's soccer has outgrown the Olympics
    Instead of World Cup Lite on a crowded Olympic stage, why not have an Americas-Asia-Africa Women's Championship?
  • The Euro, round 3: Goals, drama, human rights and the mysteries of VAR
    The final round of group games brought a glut of goals and a raft of exciting games, with the lineup for the last 16 uncertain right up until the final whistle.
  • Jovan Kirovski on Christian Pulisic following in his footsteps, his LA Galaxy director role, and his vision for MLS
    Jovan Kirovski was only 20, younger than Christian Pulisic by two years, when he hoisted the legendary UEFA Champions League in 1997.
  • American soccer pioneer Francisco Marcos remains connected from Portugal
    With his international background, he's tried to help sports executives on both sides of the Atlantic understand best practices on the other
  • The Euro, round 2: Resurgent Germany, faltering France, wasteful Spain
    The second round of games in the 2021 (nee 2020) European Championships brought a curious mixture.
  • Peter Vermes' journey through American soccer's evolution, his pursuit of excellence, and enjoying the moments
    A central figure in the development of American soccer over the past 30-something years, as a player, as a coach and as one of the game's foremost thinkers.
  • WNT equal pay fight's issues remain more complex than any documentary would have you believe
    Must be summer, because we're getting reruns.
  • The Euro, round 1: Daring Dutch, attacking Italians, dominant Belgians
    Predictions of cagey group games and tired players were quickly erased by physical but generally offensive and often exciting encounters.
  • What youth coaches can learn from Gregg Berhalter
    I've long found it remarkable how high-level coaches often seem more sensitive to players' self-confidence than many coaches at the youth level.
  • Performance against 'better' Mexico promises a brighter future for the USA
    The view of 'Mexico played better, but lost,' is not a new one. In the historical record, El Tri has dominated the overall matchup but lost several key games.
  • European Championship: 24 countries, 11 cities and a lingering pandemic
    The Covid-19 pandemic inevitably looms over the European Championship, kicking off a year late on Friday across the continent in partly patronized stadiums.
  • After embracing the special joy of soccer in a refugee camp, Gloire Amanda became men's college soccer's top player
    When Oregon State University freshman Gloire Amanda arrived on campus, he wrote down his goals. Among them: win the MAC Hermann Trophy.
  • The youth coach's priority: Give families a reason to stay
    Coaches might argue that they're sick of investing time into players, only to see them take their talents somewhere else. But many players change clubs for valid reasons.
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