• World Cup Book Review, Part 1: Dictatorship, USA 94, and the greatest upsets
    Among World Cup-season book publishing: a look at how USA 1994 "changed the game" and the Dictatorship's World Cup of 1978.
  • Taylor Rockwell on the Total Soccer Show's evolution and covering the USMNT roller coaster
    The Total Soccer Show podcast was started by Taylor Rockwell with Daryl Grove, who passed away two years ago this week
  • LAFC brings extra motivation and confidence into Western Conference final at home against Austin FC, which beat it twice
    Ilie Sanchez calls Austin FC "the best team in the West" (other than LAFC) and that's not just because of the results.
  • Vince Ganzberg on coaching coaches beyond Xs and Os
    The Director of Coaching Education for United Soccer Coaches has worked to change the focus of grassroots education.
  • Matthew Doyle: 'There are almost zero absolute truths in this game of ours'
    The Armchair Analyst offers USMNT World Cup wisdom and his perspective on the growth of Major League Soccer.
  • Dartmouth product Eduvie Ikoba takes big strides in Hungary
    The Iowa native has been the breakout star of Hungary's NB I, where he's tied for the scoring lead with Zalaegerszegi TE.
  • A second Supporters' Shield means nothing now to LAFC entering postseason
    LAFC finished atop the MLS standings but faces a hardy test in its playoff opener against the Galaxy.
  • Steve Davis on the end of local MLS broadcasts, the changing media landscape and the TV analyst's craft
    Davis became the FC Dallas color commentator on its local TV broadcasts in 2018 after a long career as a soccer writer.
  • Bodycams for referees: Is there no better solution?
    The plague of bad behavior in soccer has been learned down the decades and it's steadily gotten worse.
  • Julian Araujo is calm and content, and finally in no rush to get somewhere else
    Europe has been the aim for years, but the 21-year-old right back is focused right now on winning an MLS Cup with the Galaxy.
  • Evan Whitfield's quest: Whatever we can to make soccer more welcoming
    The Duke alum made his MLS debut for the Bob Bradley-coached Chicago Fire in 2000.
  • Brian Gutierrez takes big strides, setting stage for 2023 with Fire and U.S. U-20s
    Gutierrez, 19, has been one of the Fire's key young players and surging in recent months to end the season.
  • Leicester -- the unlikely birthplace of the mass-produced replica shirt
    Grown men or women were yet to start showing their support by dressing up as a player until ...
  • Eddie Henderson harks back to his soccer education in the streets of Seattle
    Aside from a stint as a stockbroker, Henderson has been directing youth soccer since his pro playing career.
  • David Reardon recruits -- and retains -- teen refs in San Francisco with intriguing twists
    Imagine this: You're at work, trying to do your best. But you are constantly criticized, yelled at, told you're "the worst ever."
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