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Saturday, February 6, 2010
  • U.S. strategy: defend from the middle, attack from flank

    Mike Woitalla reports from Havana The USA training session the day before the game was closed so as not to reveal its starting lineup ... Read the whole story

  • What They're Saying

    "He should go and live in Argentina, become an Argentine citizen, resign as president and maybe Brazil will improve in some way or another."

    -- Brazil goalkeeper Julio Cesar after Brazil President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva sparked controversy on Friday after praising the fighting spirit of Argentina's players, especially forward Lionel Messi. Brazil soccer has come under attack after Brazil failed to score in its last three games and dropped to a modest fifth in the South American World Cup qualifying group. Brazil also fell to archrival Argentina at the Olympics.

  • Cuba promises 'warm welcome'

    Mike Woitalla reports from Havana The corrugated metal roof of Pedro Marrero Stadium, damaged by Hurricane Gustav, was being fixed by brave acrophobia-free men ... Read the whole story

  • CUBA DIARY: Four pennies to see qualifier

    Cuba has two sets of currency. That's why I accidentally paid 24 times more for a newspaper than the asking price. And why when ... Read the whole story

  • Canada faces must-win situation

    [WORLD CUP 2010 QUALIFYING] Since qualifying for the 1986 World Cup, Canada has had no luck in World Cup qualifying. Once again, the Canadians ... Read the whole story

  • Desert Foxes move into first in Africa

    [WORLD CUP 2010 QUALIFYING] Algeria, once an African power but on decline for two decades, is staging a comeback in World Cup 2010 qualifying. ... Read the whole story

  • World Cup 2010 Qualifying TV Schedule

    Saturday's Cuba-USA game is one of 15 games to be televised on cable or pay-per-view. The weekend schedule includes Day 2 of the Concacaf ... Read the whole story