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Saturday, February 6, 2010
  • Marksmen who make a difference

    [MLS] Aside from a stout defense, a healthy squad, and some luck, what every MLS coach wants more than anything else in the playoffs … Read the whole story

  • Pumas take bite out of Dynamo

    [CONCACAF CHAMPIONS LEAGUE] Whether due to fatigue, a backlog of games, or a fierce storm that delayed the kickoff 45 minutes, for one of … Read the whole story

  • What They're Saying

    "This is a one-off incident and the practice isn't prevalent in UAE football. It's the players' personal choice to use black magic and very much their own decision."

    -- Ahmed Mohammed al Rahomi, spokesman of the Dubai Sports Council after two players, including United Arab Emirates' star striker Faisal Khalil, were arrested on suspicion of practicing "black magic" and casting spells against other players. (The National)

  • Basel battered by Barcelona

    [UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE] Barcelona traveled to Basel and knocked in five goals, while there were narrow wins for Inter and Chelsea in Wednesday night's … Read the whole story

  • The right to bear arms at kids' game?

    [OFF THE POST] Last week, we reported on a Pennsylvania woman who was allowed to keep her concealed handgun permit despite carrying a Glock … Read the whole story

  • Nigeria pulls plug on world championship

    [2009 UNDER-17 WORLD CUP] Compared to most countries, Nigeria has been largely shielded from the credit crunch affecting markets around the world, but that … Read the whole story