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Wednesday, April 15, 2020
  • University of Cincinnati is first program to drop men's soccer amid 'widespread uncertainty'

    The fear is that UC is the first of many schools to cut non-revenue programs, though its men's soccer program was already a "concern." Read the whole story

  • What They're Saying: Kyle Picknell

    "For me, the biggest trigger in my gambling was waking up each day checking fixtures on the Livescore app on my phone. Not having that in the mornings, not seeing those matches as to look forward to, not having any football to look forward to at all, I am almost grateful for it, it takes away all that temptation. As soon as I started looking through individual matches, I used to be coming up with bets in my head -- goal totals, an underdog, specific goalscorers, whatever -- you are just constantly thinking about it. When you have a gambling problem, it is not about finding a specific bet, it is any bet. Any bet on any game will do, no matter the division, the league or how interested you are in the players."

    -- Kyle Picknell, a recovering English gambling addict, on how the lack of soccer during the current pandemic has made his recovery easier in some respects, admitting he has to catch himself, hoping the current pandemic will last forever and soccer doesn't come back. (BBC Sport)

  • Bob Bradley will be excited to partake in restart of soccer, even behind closed doors

    The LAFC coach knows all about games played without fans from his tenure as Egypt's national team coach. Read the whole story

  • What They're Saying: Jack Harrison

    "Being in New York, I'd always had positive feedback, even if I played badly. I grew up in the U.S. as well, so all my teammates that I'd been with had always been encouraging and that's the U.S. mentality of coping with sports and stuff. But once I came here, I was on social media and some of the things you see, it can be quite ruthless. I had to delete Twitter, just too many people coming at me. That was something new for me. I tried to build mental strength to work through that. It was tough, but it only makes you stronger as a player."

    -- Jack Harrison on the adjustment of moving from NYCFC, where he started his pro career, to his native England, where he started out with a poor first six months on loan at Middlesbrough. He is now at Leeds United, where he has spent the last two seasons. (ESPN FC)

  • Watch: Alex Morgan share a variety of exercises she's doing at home (while she's nine months pregnant)

    The U.S. star's garage workout included lunges, pull-ups and push-ups, all done with minimal equipment and space. Read the whole story

  • Wednesday morning: What we're reading (and listening to)

    1. No sports or concerts? What a post-coronavirus world looks like By Erin Allday (San Francisco Chronicle)
    2. As coronavirus wipes away key opportunities for USMNT, Gregg Berhalter keeps things in perspective By Doug McIntyre (Yahoo Sports)
    3. Looking for a full sports calendar? Try Nicaragua By James Wagner (New York Times)

  • U.S. Soccer's role in youth soccer will change dramatically. For better or worse?

    As of Tuesday, the cancellation of the 2019-20 Development Academy season was not yet official. On Wednesday, the DA's demise might be confirmed. Read the whole story