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Saturday, April 25, 2020
  • Soccer leagues have options ... they might include turning 2019-20 seasons into 2019-21 seasons

    Depending on who you ask, we'll all be playing soccer in empty stadiums soon or won't be playing again until the distant future. Read the whole story

  • What They're Saying: Just Spee

    "It was a very bitter day because you want this to happen on the pitch not by two or three people behind a table having to make this decision. There are winners and losers and in particular for the losers it was a very very bad day so we feel sad. We feel sad that we had to come to such a decision, we sympathize a lot with those clubs and their supporters. At the same time, there was no way round it."

    -- Just Spee, president of the Dutch federation, on canceling the remainder of the Eredivisie and Eerste Divisie seasons without declaring a champion or awarding promotion (and relegation) places. Henk de Jong, the head coach of Cambuur, told broadcaster NOS the decision to deny his club, the Eerste Divisie leader, promotion felt "like the biggest disgrace in the history of Dutch sport." (BBC Sport)

  • What They're Saying: Claudio Reyna

    "I think we have to be very conscious of how much parents are paying for their kids in all sports, from individual training to just the travel out there. It takes away from the joy a little bit. I grew up in a different time, and I can talk to that. I spent a lot of time playing, but I also was home with my brother and my family. I feel now youth sports has become this industry where you just travel so much. On weekends, long trips. Kids of a young age getting on planes to play games. You're just not quite sure why. It's something more generational from my time growing up. It's on steroids. It needs to calm down a little bit. That would be one thing. That would also calm down the hysteria with all the parents about trying to get their kids to college. We're in a different world right now and hopefully that's something that will change, is just the overall cost and those resources."

    -- Austin FC technical director Claudio Reyna, the former U.S. national team captain and U.S. Soccer's former youth technical director, on his hope for positive changes to youth development in the post-Development Academy era. (Austin American-Statesman)

  • SA coverage: How the 2020 pandemic is reshaping the soccer landscape

    New interviews and analysis and more advice this week from the SA staff. Read the whole story

  • Sunday morning: What we're reading (and listening to)

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