• Tapping Into a Gold Mine
    Major League Soccer is finding ways and means to exploit the rapidly growing Hispanic sports marketplace while it steadily grows and improves its own product. Two years ago, a pair of international soccer games were played simultaneously in Southern California. Staged less than 30 miles apart they, in effect, took place on different worlds, so vastly different were the cultures they attracted and the atmosphere they generated.
  • Chivas USA Project, Year 3
    The departures of head coach Bob Bradley, striker Francisco Palencia and midfielder Juan Pablo Garcia aren't the only changes at Chivas USA. The club is reaching deeper into the Mexican-American community with programs and promotions as it strives for greater success on the field.
  • The Latino Equation
    How far has American soccer come in providing opportunities for young Latino players? Financially, it's a struggle," says Paul Walker, the founder and president of Southern California youth club Barcelona USA. "But I come from the point of view of being the underdog. I don't know why, it's just the way I grew up. I took on all challenges."
  • U.S. Talent Heads South
    Mexican pro clubs and Mexico's national team program have started plucking talent from the USA. Edgar Castillo is 20 years old and he just bought a house. A year ago, he made his Mexican First Division debut with Santos Laguna. This season, he starts at left back.