• U.S. Soccer: Why the Development Academy?
    Whether to pursue entry into U.S. Soccer's Development Academy wasn't an easy choice for many of the nation's top clubs, particularly in areas like North Texas and Southern California, where clubs are already entrenched in highly competitive leagues.
  • MLS Midseason Report
    The Eastern Conference is loaded, but the best team(s) may be out west. Houston, New England and D.C. United look like the most likely champions with one half of the season to be played, yet a few others are impossible to dismiss.
  • U.S. Men's team: Summer Lessons
    Some players dazzled, others stumbled as U.S. teams played 14 matches in three countries during a trio of international tournaments. Amid the results emerged the next crop of candidates for the 2010 World Cup squad, with the fortunes of many players partially dependent on next year's Olympic Games.
  • Youth: Gottschee Embraces New Era
    Members of the U.S. Soccer Development Academy for its inaugural 2007-08 season are mainly suburban clubs that grew out of the late 20th century's youth soccer boom. But New York City's BW Gottschee has been fielding youth teams for 50 years. Ben Boehm isn't your typical Director of Coaching. He doesn't earn tens of thousands of dollars a year. In fact, he's never earned a penny from Blau-Weiss Gottschee since he arrived at the New York City club four decades ago. He doesn't have a coaching license. And he won't brag about all the players his club has …
  • Rennie: Dean of College Coaches
    Duke coach John Rennie is still going strong in his fourth decade of Division I coaching. Legend has it that Chatham High School in New Jersey had abandoned its football program early in the last century because the mayor's son had broken his neck on the gridiron. So back in the 1960s, top young Chatham athletes like John Rennie played basketball, baseball - and soccer. In his senior year, Rennie scored 30 goals in 15 games. An assistant P.E. teacher, Gene Chyzowych, encouraged Rennie to move on to Temple University, and Rennie scored six goals in his first …