• Backline: U.S. Soccer's rock 'n' roll doc
    Scott Powell of Sha Na Na fame heals and entertains national team players.
  • Youth Beat: How the screaming hurts
    What makes the epidemic of sideline shouting particularly egregious is that the instructions are usually misguided.
  • EURO 2008: Group D
    Group D
  • EURO 2008: Group C
    Group C
  • EURO 2008: Group B
    Group B
  • EURO 2008: Group A
    Group A
  • Euro 2008: Europe takes center stage
    The 2008 European Championship will be held this June in eight cities. Co-hosts Austria and Switzerland are decided underdogs in a 16-team field that includes Italy, France, Germany and Portugal, the top four teams from the 2006 World Cup. Along with Spain and the Netherlands, they are the favorites in a tournament that has a history of producing surprises.