• Youth Beat: Reality TV Uncovers Missed Talent
    The story of this year's winner of "Sueno MLS," soccer's answer to "American Idol," underscores how high the odds are stacked against low-income children in American youth soccer.
  • MLS: Conor Casey Settled Back Home
    Conor Casey's career has come full circle. Recruited out of Denver to play for the University of Portland, Casey moved on to Germany, where a six-year stint was marred by major knee injuries. Following a short stay in Toronto, the former U.S. Olympian landed in Colorado, for which he scored 11 goals last year and is among the MLS leaders this season.
  • MLS: Claudio Lopez is Here to Play
    Former Argentine international Claudio Lopez played all but two games last year in his MLS debut season. For 2009, he agreed to a much smaller salary while retaining a major role in the Wizards' attempt to win its first MLS title since 2000.
  • World Cup Qualifying: Frankie Hejduk
    Frankie Hejduk, who played in the 1998 and 2002 World Cups but was sidelined in 2006, has set his sights on another World Cup.
  • MLS: Zach Thornton the Gentle Giant
    A stunning start to the 2009 season by Chivas USA has featured the return to prominence of goalkeeper Zach Thornton, a five-time All-Star during his years with Chicago.
  • MLS: Viva Chivas USA
    Sharp moves pushed Chivas USA to the top of the Major League Soccer standings - a remarkable achievement for a team battered by injuries.
  • Youth Beat: The Girls Game - Higher Expectations
    Anson Dorrance, the USA's first world championship coach, and Pia Sundhage, its latest, share their views on how American girls soccer can keep getting better.
  • Backline: USL - Islanders And Impact Are Favorites
    The USL First Division is getting a lot of respect.
  • World Cup Qualifying: Europe
    Will Northern Ireland's luck hold out and take it to the World Cup finals in South Africa? And what about Hungary, which shares the Group 1 lead with Denmark, and also hasn't qualified for the finals since 1986? On the other hand, the biggest disappointment in European qualifying has been Portugal, which can't buy a goal.
  • World Cup Qualifying: USA
    The first of four qualifying double-dates produced the standard four points as the USA beat Trinidad & Tobago, 3-0, in Nashville after tying, 2-2, in San Salvador, but also left some niggling questions yet to be resolved.
  • MLS: Home From Abroad
    Clint Mathis, Bobby Convey and Eddie Lewis all have played in the World Cup and lived the ups and downs of European soccer. For different reasons, they have returned home to settle down. They are discovering new roles on their MLS teams.
  • Women's Professional Soccer: Brandi Chastain
    She's 40, she's whipped off her jersey and flashed a sports bra to celebrate winning a Women's World Cup, she's won world and domestic championships, and after more than two decades of competitive play she's learning another new position.
  • Women's Professional Soccer: Marta
    USA men's coach Bob Bradley once compared defending against Brazil to being fleeced by the shell game; no matter where you think the ball is, or it's going to be, it pops up somewhere else.
  • Backline: Sullivan Brings Unique Perspective To Telecasts
    The mind of Christopher Sullivan works in myriad ways, and dozens of times a year, during telecasts of MLS matches or international games, viewers of Fox Soccer Channel hear the views and ideas of a former U.S. international steeped in many facets of the game.He played collegiately at the University of Tampa and professionally in Germany, Hungary, Sweden, Mexico and the United States while earning 19 caps (1987-92). Usually paired with play-by-play announcer Max Bretos on FSC telecasts, Sullivan, 43, has his fans and his critics, as do all commentators, but unquestionable is his unique persona on the ...
  • Youth Beat: MLS Shakes Up Youth Game
    North Texas provides an example of how the youth landscape is changing now that MLS has entered the fray.