• NSCAA Expo: Tradeshow or Flea Market?
    The NSCAA has created the most vital gathering in U.S. soccer...but does their expo hall reflect that?
  • The game IS the business
    If we forget the business of soccer is the game...maybe there won't be a business at all
  • Soccer's Little Secret
    52% of the soccer player market is female...but unisex sizing is still the norm.
  • Why I'm Not Likely to Own a Women's Pro Team
    But here's where I'd start if I did own a team...
  • Soccer Glass Filling, But Not Simple to Reach
    Advice for both soccer sponsors and organizations.
  • Is Women's Pro Soccer Doomed Again?
    Better to erase forever the illusion that winning the World Cup can deliver the sport.
  • Making Player Endorsements Work For Your Brand
    The biggest challenge is to find a player who is compatible with your company or brand, someone respected by, and popular with, consumers.
  • Will WWC Jump Start The New Women's League?
    The WWC tournament has the general public and the general media talking about players, coaches, and even about issues of women's soccer.
  • How To Measure MLS Success
    How can you compare MLS to other pro sports leagues?
  • Pick-up Games and The Soccer Project
    Soccer is unique among sports in the world because pick-up games happen in every corner of the globe.
  • Awaiting Soccer's Double Scoop of Success
    It is time for professional soccer to create a truly unique experience for its audience.
  • Insider Tournament Tips For Sponsors
    Soccer tournaments are one of the key vehicles for reaching America's soccer player "masses."
  • Sponsorships and the RSVP Rule
    It's time to get real about the numbers we use to invite potential sponsors to the soccer "party." Our industry's reputation suffers every time a sponsorship proposal is built on claims that are not delivered.
  • Smart U.S. Marketing Advice For Foreign Clubs
    The U.S. soccer market is a primary target for many foreign soccer clubs. Their objectives include match competition, revenue generation, player identification, plus fan, player and business development. To these clubs we offer the following advice:
  • The Corporate Sponsorship-Youth Soccer Disconnect
    We have heard for years that marketers are salivating to tap into the youth soccer market. Various soccer entities from US Soccer, US Youth Soccer, AYSO, MSL, state youth associations, clubs, and individual teams claim they can deliver the goods.