• Tough but fair? A likely story
    Casemiro's tackles are often pretty scary - tackles for which I, in my role as arm-chair referee, usually punish him with a yellow card.
  • The non-existent legacy of Earnie Stewart
    I cannot discern anything done by Stewart that has had any overtly positive effect on the situation here.
  • The TV analysts -- are they really necessary?
    The screen is showing live action while our analyst is cleverly explaining what happened 30 or 40 seconds ago.
  • Mighty Close to Never: How often Latin soccer is discussed at the Coaches Convention
    The Convention, year after year, continues to snub the USA's vast soccer-devoted Latino community.
  • Adeus Pele -- my 17-year-old mentor
    Pele became, during the 1958 World Cup, probably the most important influence in the development of my soccer understanding.
  • Random thoughts after a great World Cup final
    Lionel Messi got his reward. I almost feel that the sport owed him that, for all the pleasure he has given us.
  • Departing friends
    The deaths of Grant Wahl and Alex Yannis have left me with a sadness, and a spell of that "this shouldn't be happening" feeling.
  • Will Qatar 2022 be a Qatarstrophe?
    The excitement of red-hot fan support for the host team is not likely to be a feature of this World Cup.
  • When Video Review gets too clever, it's time to rely on a referee's instincts
    Baseball, we're told, is a game of inches. Right, and soccer is a game of feet. Ha ha, hilarious joke. But hold the knee-slapping
  • MLS Cup 2022: At Last -- a final to be remembered
    MLS Cup 2022 gave us a bit of everything that soccer has to offer.
  • Can soccer back up the claim that its rules contribute to the safety and welfare of players?
    What the treatment of these head-clashes shows is that neither in MLS nor in the EPL is the concussion problem taken seriously.
  • Part 2: Soccer in the Balance
    Of all the groups involved in soccer, I would rank referees as the group with the highest IQ.
  • Soccer in the Balance (Part 1)
    Soccer is, and should be, a fluid sport played in many different ways and styles.
  • An extraordinary refereeing oversight
    A rather unpleasant article popped up on the website run by PRO, which oversees referees engaged in pro soccer in the USA.
  • LAFC's moves cast the shadow of the dreaded elephants graveyard
    Total bafflement. That pretty much sums up my response to LAFC's recent activities in the transfer market.
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