• Adeus Pele -- my 17-year-old mentor
    Pele became, during the 1958 World Cup, probably the most important influence in the development of my soccer understanding.
  • Random thoughts after a great World Cup final
    Lionel Messi got his reward. I almost feel that the sport owed him that, for all the pleasure he has given us.
  • Departing friends
    The deaths of Grant Wahl and Alex Yannis have left me with a sadness, and a spell of that "this shouldn't be happening" feeling.
  • Will Qatar 2022 be a Qatarstrophe?
    The excitement of red-hot fan support for the host team is not likely to be a feature of this World Cup.
  • When Video Review gets too clever, it's time to rely on a referee's instincts
    Baseball, we're told, is a game of inches. Right, and soccer is a game of feet. Ha ha, hilarious joke. But hold the knee-slapping
  • MLS Cup 2022: At Last -- a final to be remembered
    MLS Cup 2022 gave us a bit of everything that soccer has to offer.
  • Can soccer back up the claim that its rules contribute to the safety and welfare of players?
    What the treatment of these head-clashes shows is that neither in MLS nor in the EPL is the concussion problem taken seriously.
  • Part 2: Soccer in the Balance
    Of all the groups involved in soccer, I would rank referees as the group with the highest IQ.
  • Soccer in the Balance (Part 1)
    Soccer is, and should be, a fluid sport played in many different ways and styles.
  • An extraordinary refereeing oversight
    A rather unpleasant article popped up on the website run by PRO, which oversees referees engaged in pro soccer in the USA.
  • LAFC's moves cast the shadow of the dreaded elephants graveyard
    Total bafflement. That pretty much sums up my response to LAFC's recent activities in the transfer market.
  • The tragedy of Scott Vermillion must not be ignored or allowed to fade away
    The early end to his life, the agonies he went through, the wretched suffering of his loved ones, are now all a matter of record.
  • More subs means better soccer? Don't bet on it.
    You will remember the famous Anatoliy Puzach ... No? ... Ukrainian-born forward for Dynamo Kiev and the USSR?
  • MLS goes wildly off the rails for 90 disgraceful seconds
    I have been enjoying MLS games so far this season: plenty of good, varied attacking play, plenty of individual brilliance.
  • Real Madrid's Thibaut Courtois: goalkeeping as it should be
    It takes us back many, many years, to 1878 when the sport's rules first recognized the goalkeeper as a special player.
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