• FIFA and IFAB still dodging the question: Does heading have a future?
    We now have the FA researchers sitting on a mountain of research, virtually all of which points in one direction.
  • A brutal experience for Mexico's Chucky Lozano
    Brutality? In soccer? Not very often, I would think. I don't ever remember using the word myself, and am pretty sure I haven't ever heard it from soccer people.
  • Quite a weekend -- Italy wins at Wembley and Messi's Argentina triumphs in the Maracana
    There has always been a lot of the "cometh the hour, cometh the man" about the Italians -- remember Paolo Rossi in 1982? or Andrea Pirlo in 2006?
  • Here we go again -- another s-crappy final
    Pep Guardiola-- the world's greatest soccer coach, it seems -- had assured us: this Champions League final would be a great "advert for football."
  • The return of Atlanta brilliance? Not yet.
    My aim was to see whether the Frank De Boer blight had been eliminated, whether Atlanta was rediscovering its Latin style.
  • New medical research may shine unwelcome light on soccer's old, old problem
    So U.S. Soccer is to implement concussion substitutions in 2021. Well, about time. I mean, that's good news ... isn't it?
  • Thank you, Emil Cohill. In memory of a wonderful human being and one of soccer's very best servants.
    This must genuinely be a case of less meaning more. Emil Cohill has died, age 81. The long-time secretary (for over 40 years, would you believe that?) of the Cosmopolitan Junior Soccer League.
  • Once more, soccer flirts with tragedy
    I return, yet again, and without apology, to the role of goalkeepers in the modern game. Once again there has been a very nasty injury: in the Premier League.
  • The Road to Robo-ref: Tales from VAR-off places
    A big toe offside? Can that really qualify as "gaining an advantage" or "interfering with play or an opponent"?
  • Shawcross a brilliant signing ... says Inter Miami coach Neville
    Back in 2010 Ryan Shawcross was big news in English soccer. Not, sadly, for any act of soccer brilliance.
  • Neville's arrival at Inter Miami -- is this cronyism?
    So Phil Neville will be Inter Miami's new coach. Is this, as the Miami bosses would have us believe, the beginning of an exciting new era in soccer (well, American soccer, or maybe just MLS soccer, come to that)?
  • Concussions a problem? How about some more research?
    Soccer's reaction to the concussion issue has been a joke. But it is much worse than that. It is a disgrace, and a dangerous one at that.
  • Coaching, coaches ... and me
    My sincere thanks to the United Soccer Coaches for handing me their new award -- their Media Career of Excellence award.
  • Personal, tangential, memories of the unforgettables -- Pele and Maradona
    I treasure memories of both those guys. I saw much more of Pele, spending a month filming with him in the summer of 1972, in Santos, then later being close at hand as he played in New York.
  • Saturday morning soccer with the Sons of Anak and a smattering of onlookers
    Our opponents were always teams of working class boys, rather scrawny-looking lads, not as comfortably bred, or as well-fed, as us.
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