• Liverpool and Man City give us a game to remember
    I'll start this by going back three years, almost to the day. It's October 7, 2018. We're at Anfield. TV pundit Graeme Souness was beside himself.
  • A Goal in a Thousand
    I'm not the praying sort, but how I wished for that goal. Me and tens of thousands of others. And Raul.
  • Random thoughts on systems, goalkeepers, and referees
    That concussion protocol is often not being taken seriously, and not properly administered, has been pretty obvious for some time.
  • Good bye Jimmy Greaves, the boy-genius of English soccer
    My thoughts and opinions about soccer, a somewhat incoherent bustling jumble, received a jolt on Sunday morning.
  • Now who's making soccer's rules? Is it IFAB? Or the English Premier League?
    A week or so ago I was busy damning FIFA and IFAB for not making rule changes that would ensure that soccer would be an entertaining game.
  • Soccer: A sport handicapped by its own lack of vision
    UEFA has ditched the away-goals rule. Good news or bad news? Neither, really. Simply a matter of facing up to the facts.
  • FIFA and IFAB still dodging the question: Does heading have a future?
    We now have the FA researchers sitting on a mountain of research, virtually all of which points in one direction.
  • A brutal experience for Mexico's Chucky Lozano
    Brutality? In soccer? Not very often, I would think. I don't ever remember using the word myself, and am pretty sure I haven't ever heard it from soccer people.
  • Quite a weekend -- Italy wins at Wembley and Messi's Argentina triumphs in the Maracana
    There has always been a lot of the "cometh the hour, cometh the man" about the Italians -- remember Paolo Rossi in 1982? or Andrea Pirlo in 2006?
  • Here we go again -- another s-crappy final
    Pep Guardiola-- the world's greatest soccer coach, it seems -- had assured us: this Champions League final would be a great "advert for football."
  • The return of Atlanta brilliance? Not yet.
    My aim was to see whether the Frank De Boer blight had been eliminated, whether Atlanta was rediscovering its Latin style.
  • New medical research may shine unwelcome light on soccer's old, old problem
    So U.S. Soccer is to implement concussion substitutions in 2021. Well, about time. I mean, that's good news ... isn't it?
  • Thank you, Emil Cohill. In memory of a wonderful human being and one of soccer's very best servants.
    This must genuinely be a case of less meaning more. Emil Cohill has died, age 81. The long-time secretary (for over 40 years, would you believe that?) of the Cosmopolitan Junior Soccer League.
  • Once more, soccer flirts with tragedy
    I return, yet again, and without apology, to the role of goalkeepers in the modern game. Once again there has been a very nasty injury: in the Premier League.
  • The Road to Robo-ref: Tales from VAR-off places
    A big toe offside? Can that really qualify as "gaining an advantage" or "interfering with play or an opponent"?
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