• Rule-obsession can blind referees to game reality
    The world of pro soccer is not where you go if you're looking for objectivity, and unbiased opinions. Fan loyalty, club loyalty, player loyalty, regional loyalty ...
  • Words, words, words ... Part 2 -- Guru words
    The idea is to make the words interesting, even downright fascinating. Of course, things can go too far. Deplorably, guru-talk, has run away with itself.
  • Words, words, words ... Part 1 -- Rulebook Words
    It happens in every game. The referee goes up to a player, or a group of players, and delivers what looks like a stern lecture.
  • The success of MLS is Back -- but are the results misleading?
    The MLS Is Back tournament, championship, extravaganza, whatever it was, worked out pretty well, I thought. I mean, given how hastily it was concocted.
  • Bournemouth, victimized by a colossal VAR/Hawk-Eye error, deserves compensation
    If there's one factor above all others that thoroughly incenses me about VAR, it's this business of dictatorial offside decisions based on millimetric measurements.
  • Pochettino to Atlanta? Or has Bob Bradley proved the new coach doesn't have to be Latino?
    When Atlanta announced that it had signed Frank De Boer as the coach to replace Tata Martino, I called the appointment a "betrayal."
  • Twellman's curious praise for roughhouse soccer
    If you were a season-ticket holder with a big club and found that, seated next to you at every game, there was Taylor Twellman, how long before you requested a different seat?
  • Was British soccer ever that great?
    Some years ago I read an article in the English press that greatly irritated me. I tore the page from the newspaper and put it aside for further study.
  • How I somehow escaped from freezing to death during a soccer game
    Another episode of quarantine-induced nostalgia has surfaced. We're going back over 70 years for this one ...
  • Soccer's disgrace: unchecked goalkeeper violence
    I return to the worrying tale of Eric Garcia, the young Man City defender severely injured last Wednesday.
  • The EPL's shaky return, and another goalkeeper victim
    Alas for the English Premier League, usually so deft at promoting itself. Here we had the long-awaited (it's been 100 days) return.
  • Bundesliga Ghost Games highlight a refereeing problem
    German "ghost games" have presented soccer with a unique opportunity to explore one of its most contentious areas.
  • College Soccer (Part 3): A Dreamland where only radical change can ensure a place in soccer's pyramid
    So here comes the difficult bit. Trying to make a coherent whole of my dealings with and memories of college soccer since 1960.
  • Men's College Soccer (Part 2): 1972 to 2020, the years of the draft ... and inertia
    The 1971 Division 1 Final (Howard 3 St Louis 2) played in the cavernous -- and lamentably empty -- Orange Bowl started my rethink about college soccer.
  • Sixty years of trying to assess men's college soccer (Part 1)
    College soccer -- the men's version -- has been going through something of a crisis recently. Caused by the fear that the NCAA might take action that would threaten the very existence of many college soccer programs. The threat still hovers.
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