• Not simply a 'Beckham league'
    Apart from the unfortunate Galaxy happenings in Denver, I would suppose that the MLS guys are reasonably satisfied with their opening weekend. While there was nothing wildly spectacular to report, there were no dreary games either -- and the home teams did well, always a good thing when the larger-than-usual opening day crowds have been lured to the game.
  • English refs get it wrong - yet again
    The image of Graham Poll handing out three yellow cards to the same player at the 2006 World Cup sticks in the mind as emblematic of English referees. Totally confused.
  • Time for Beckham to Show Respect
    What a bore! What a tedious, brainless megabore Beckham and his 100th cap have become. Who cares any more if Beckham gets 100 or 1,000 caps?