• Does playoff soccer have to be like this?
    Watching Thursday night's Colorado vs. Columbus game was not an easy experience. After all, this game really meant something -- particularly for the Colorado Rapids. This was their chance, in the opening playoff game, to score a few goals, the theory being that they will need that cushion as they now have to go to play the return leg on Columbus.
  • MLS Playoffs Could Use Extra Officials
    The MLS playoffs are upon us, accompanied by various organizational hiccups that could be quite embarrassing. I'll look at those in a moment, but first let me jump in immediately, with a suggestion to MLS that might help to reduce the red-face factor.
  • Coutinho -- the latest Brazilian Gem
    Last week's Inter-Spurs Champions League game grabbed a lot of headlines for the astounding way that Spurs, with 10 men, were able to come back from 4-0 down to a 4-3 final score -- courtesy of three goals from Gareth Bale. Three terrific goals from a 21-year-old player who gets better with every game, and who exemplifies the modern flank player.
  • Why South American soccer's future looks bleak
    How much longer can South American soccer last? I mean, how much longer can it continue being truly South American soccer, the soccer of artistry and goals?
  • Fergie-Rooney spat: Don't mention the money
    I must admit, I found Alex Ferguson's television appearance moving. He was talking to the press about Wayne Rooney. Trying to explain why Rooney wanted to leave Manchester United.
  • FIFA Bidding Scandal: Why did Brit newspaper involve the USA?
    Absolutely asking for it. That would be a concise comment on FIFA's bidding process for the rights to stage the 2018 and 2022 World Cups -- now engulfed in allegations of corruption.
  • Do Defensive Tactics Really Pay Off?
    Having been thoroughly miffed by the 6-4-0 formation that Scottish coach Craig Levein used against the Czech Republic last week, I noted his remarks before yesterday's game against Spain with considerable distaste.
  • MLS Games Must Entertain
    Twenty years ago, a few months before the 1990 World Cup, I asked the same question of two national team coaches: Did they feel under any obligation to play attractive soccer?
  • The Dark Depths of Dutch Soccer
    From being a fervent admirer of Dutch soccer -- back in the 1970s, the days of "total soccer" -- I have passed through the stages of being just an admirer, sliding down to a grudging admirer, and now that of occasional admirer.
  • Too Few Goals, Too Many Injuries
    Back in December a headline caught my eye. "Goals Galore Expected from Favorable Draw" it read -- referring to the Champions League pairings which had just been decided, pitting Spain's Sevilla against CSKA Moscow.
  • How MLS's mighty have fallen
    If MLS ran things the way that they do elsewhere in the world and employed the promotion/relegation system, then right now we should be looking at a quite extraordinary situation.