• What's this? Soccer 101 at the National Team Camp?
    Among the more curious revelations to surface during the lead up to the USA's recent game with Chile were those attributed to defender Omar Gonzalez. Talking of Bob Bradley's training sessions during the pre-game camp, Gonzalez had this to say:
  • King Eric in New York? Big Deal.
    We don't do things by halves here in the Big Apple, no sirreee. If we set out to make complete asses of ourselves, expect a double dip immediately. And that's what we've now got.
  • Liverpool loss reminds that rulebook rewrite is long overdue
    Poor Liverpool -- everything seems to be going wrong for them. Their loyal fans (frequently referred to as the most loyal fans in England or, if you prefer, in the world) have not had an easy time of it this season.
  • Beckham resumes his lead-clown role
    It's surely no longer possible to believe that David Beckham is in touch with reality. For a while there, last month, it looked as though he had discovered a splendid role for himself as an impressive ambassador for England's World Cup bid.