• Klinsmann's real test is the matter of style
    A German head coach for the U.S. national team? After the virtually Teutonic rigidities of Bob Bradley, that does not sound like the new beginning that is required.
  • Player Dives. Is this the end of the world?
    A few years back I tuned in to a San Jose Earthquakes telecast and was immediately impressed with the broadcaster. It quite quickly occurred to me that he was doing the program alone, no partner with whom to exchange giggly remarks.
  • MLS demeans itself with summer 'football' follies
    Like it or not -- and most of us would at least make a pretense of objecting -- scorelines are the vital building blocks of all sports. The only indisputable things that allow us to make judgments and comparisons, the relentless realities that mean triumph or disaster, fame or infamy.
  • Red Bulls remake rejects Americans, Latinos
    The remaking of the New York Red Bulls gathers speed. That is to say it gets faster, but it is difficult to work out whether this headlong rush for change has any direction to it.
  • Learning from Mexico, the Distant Neighbor
    What to make of the sudden burgeoning of Mexican soccer, in particular the appearance of so many good young players?
  • Mexico Looms Larger
    Is this, at last, Mexico's Magic Moment? More than that -- is now the time when the full value of Mexican soccer is beginning to show itself, when this soccer-loving nation will begin to pull its weight on the world scene?
  • Mexican and German boys deliver the Real Thing
    Well now, considering you were alerted, in this very column, just three days ago, about the excitement that awaited in the Under-17 World Cup semifinals, we're not accepting any excuses from those who chose not to watch.
  • Fingering MLS referees as the villains misses point
    One has grown used, over the years, to the Alexi Lalas personality. I did not particularly like it at first -- all that dopy long-hair and "Hey, man ..." stuff. But things change -- I've changed, and so has Alexi - to the point where, particularly during last year's World Cup, during that impenetrable Brit fog that ESPN landed on us, I found Lalas about the only guy worth listening to.
  • Under-17 World Cup bursts into vivid life
    There has been positive turn of events for Argentina in the Copa America -- just one. Namely that Brazil, in its game against Venezuela, looked as bad, or maybe even worse, than Argentina did against Bolivia.  At least Argentina managed to score a goal -- wonderful one from Sergio Aguero - in its 1-1 tie, while Brazil lumbered to a vapid 0-0 tie.
  • Argentina saved from disaster at Copa America gala opening
    Admittedly, I did not get what I wanted from the Grand Opening Game of the Copa America between Argentina and Bolivia.