• Clampdown on violent play? Believe it when you see it
    UEFA's head of referees, Pierluigi Collina, has issued a proclamation detailing what he expects from referees in this coming European season. And a pretty healthy-sounding proclamation it is, too. Top of his list: Referees must be much quicker to punish rough tackling.
  • U.S. ref Mark Geiger shines at U-20 World Cup. (Plus treasonous thoughts on the diving witch hunt.)
    Despite the USA's failure to qualify for the U-20 World Cup there was an American presence at the tournament after all. A pretty important one, as it happens.
  • Mourinho, More Svengali than Special
    Real Madrid is marvelous team with marvelous players. What a pity that it has a coach who is deeply toxic. Jose Mourinho's behavior during this week's Barcelona-Real Madrid game, the second leg of the Spanish Supercopa, defies description, at least a description using a normal vocabulary. A psychologist, or a psychiatrist, using the abstruse words of those vocations, would do better, I imagine.
  • DP growing pains afflict MLS game plan
    The introduction of the Designated Player in 2007 marked the beginning of the end for MLS. Or rather, the birth of a new MLS.
  • Klinsmann clears the air
    One of the sillier -- and more dishonest -- arguments put forward by the proponents of maintaining the status quo -- in American soccer is this: challenging their adversaries -- i.e. those who want to see a much greater importance given to Latin-American talent, a group to which I certainly belong -- they demand to see, immediately, "all these great Latino players, the ones that Bruce Arena and Bob Bradley apparently overlooked. Where are they?"
  • Klinsmann era will all come down to players he picks
    Jurgen Klinsmann will show us later today exactly how his appointment has brought new energy and excitement -- and, hopefully, new soccer -- to the U.S. men's team.
  • The Weird English Rebirth of the New York Cosmos
    Back in 1984, when the North American Soccer League was sinking rapidly toward oblivion, there was talk, or there were rumors, that the New York Cosmos were not about to be dragged out of existence by the failing league. The Cosmos, so went the stories, would continue to exist -- as an all-star team that traveled the world playing exhibition games.
  • Is Backe's Caution Helping - or Holding Back - Agudelo?
    What's this? The Red Bulls win the Emirates Cup? An unlikely turn of events, for sure, but a result not to be argued with.