• On making it difficult to Americanize soccer
    American soccer's long-standing habit of truckling to things English flourishes yet.
  • Red Bulls name Petke: A step in the right direction
    Well, now, here's a surprise. Mike Petke as the coach of the Red Bulls. Then again, maybe not.
  • Time to clamp down on studs-up
    Two recent incidents in English Premier League games have -- as was drearily predictable -- produced yet another shriek of outrage from those who want soccer to be a sport in which kicking opponents is all part of the fun.
  • MLS Changes: A big loss and a puzzling addition
    Entrances and exits. It's that time of the year for MLS. Players and coaches coming and going.
  • Technology on a Shoestring
    I have noticed -- as I was very obviously meant to notice -- that soccer's technonerds have been at it again. Last month we got official notification of their busy-bee activities with the announcement that the MLS 2013 season will feature a brand new ball.