• The Problem with Soccer by the Numbers
    Spurs coach Andre Villas-Boas was no doubt overstating things when he recently condemned soccer statistics as "useless." But his opinion is refreshing, to say the least.
  • Klinsmann and the Gurus: Weird is the Word
    Jurgen Klinsmann's coaching methods have always struck me as having a rather weird fringe to them. Remember the fitness gurus and the team chants with the German national team? Then the curious case of the Buddha statues at Bayern?
  • The Decline -- and is it to be the Fall? -- of Arsene Wenger
    Sadness -- though the rather lovelier French word tristesse seems more fitting -- haunts me when I consider what is happening to Arsene Wenger.
  • GLT still a blurry area for FIFA
    The GLT -- goal line technology -- saga has been going on for well over a decade now, with FIFA adopting a ludicrous chameleon mode, dithering between a flat-out no, a coy maybe, and a reluctant yes -- with many a backtrack along the way.
  • Truths of the Modern Game Revealed
    An intriguing game, the Celtic-Juventus Champions League clash. Intriguing and revealing. Because it did reveal some oft-obscured truths about the modern game: Truths About ...
  • Euro police gambling probe lacks crucial details
    Europol forced itself into the news last week -- the soccer news, that is -- with a quasi-apocalyptic announcement that was not actually news at all.