• Soccer goes overboard with star-wars system
    We know that Michel Platini doesn't think much of goal line technology. He prefers his system of using extra assistant referees, one at each end, patrolling the goal line.
  • Klinsmann the salesman prolongs problem
    First, the unworthy farce of the snow-job against Costa Rica. Well, OK, three points is three points. But it would be better, somehow nicer, if those three points were hauled in by playing soccer, don't you think?
  • And elsewhere, some real soccer, on green grass ...
    For those of you who stumbled into the mess that was the USA-Costa Rica World Cup qualifier, let me assure you that the sport of soccer still lives, in something like its intended form.  Elsewhere, on other TV channels on Friday, there were real games to be watched.
  • Why an English ref boss doesn't suit U.S. soccer
    Peter Walton. A pleasant man, soft-spoken, quick to smile, alert and intelligent. A nice guy. But the wrong guy.
  • With Messi on the prowl, nothing's sure in soccer
    Quite a week -- with the European Champions League providing most of the excitement and the fun.
  • Nice soccer from the U-20s -- but don't mention the Latinos
    Tut, tut, Alexi Lalas, naughty, naughty. On a recent ESPN telecast Lalas had the bad taste, or the attention-seeking gall -- or was it simply the courage? -- to bring up what has evidently become a thorny subject these days: the place of Latino players in American soccer.
  • Timbers-Red Bulls deliver the thrills MLS needs
    Well, here we go again. The trusty Red Bulls get off to a flying start in Portland, storming into a 3-1 halftime lead. Then, you'll never guess what ... it all went wrong in the second half and those predictably fallible Bulls ended up hanging on for dear life to salvage a 3-3 tie.
  • Nani red card reveals Fox TV experts are 17 years behind the times
    So it's the referee's fault again. A Turkish referee, Cuneyt Cakir, had the gall to red-card Manchester United's Nani --- at Old Trafford, no less -- and Real Madrid won the game. And a torrent of abuse has gathered about Cakir's head.