• Battle of the Giants: Charged-up Brazil faces smooth Spain after scrappy semifinals
    There's not much point in trying to make out that the Confederations Cup semifinals gave us sublime soccer. Both games were rather ragged affairs. The problem in the Brazil-Uruguay semi was the endless series of mistakes, by both teams -- mistakes that usually led to the ball being lost, which in turn led to scrappy attempts -- fouling and borderline fouling -- to get it back.
  • MLS Referees and the Concussion Problem
    I was thinking that the sport of soccer had surely, by now, come to understand that head injuries are dangerous. Just that -- a simple understanding that concussions cannot be dismissed lightly, that they must be treated with great seriousness.
  • Brazilians challenge the myth of Big Soccer
    A mere seven years ago, you may remember, we were being invited -- though at times it seemed almost like being commanded -- to appreciate the wonderful social benefits of soccer.
  • Hoping for high-scoring at the Confederations Cup
    The Confederations Cup has taken a good deal of abuse in its short lifetime, mostly because it has seemed to be an unnecessary tournament, a money-making event imposed on already overworked players.
  • Spain still reigns over Germany
    We have recently been asked to contemplate the idea that the future of soccer will belong to the Germans, rather than the Spanish who rule the roost at the moment.
  • What's Klinsmann's vision for this team?
    So, another shapeless, luke-warm performance from Jurgen Klinsmann's team. Of course he'll take it, three points on the road, in Jamaica where points have always been hard to come by.
  • Time runs out on Klinsmann
    I don't see how losing 4-2 on your home field, can be viewed as anything other than an acute embarrassment. Even when the opponent is Belgium, currently one of the better European teams, playing with virtually a full squad.