• Concussion: NFL gets off lightly. What's next for soccer?
    Sixteen years ago, in this column, I drew the attention of our soccer bosses to the growing problems surrounding concussion injuries and the inevitability -- should those same bosses not address the issue -- of serious legal complications.
  • ManU 0 Chelsea 0: The Very Essence of the Modern Game
    You can be pretty sure that the sort of game churned out yesterday by Manchester United and Chelsea is not what NBC is looking for.
  • Hawk-Eye's Here. Now We Await a Crucial Test.
    For those who look to science as the ultimate arbiter for soccer's thorny problems, it has been a rather indecisive week. We have been getting our first look at the by-now famous, or notorious, goal-line technology, GLT. Which, just to complicate matters, is now to be known as Goal Decision System, GDS.
  • German doping report: Inconclusive but worrying
    Drugs again. Since the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, we've learned a lot about the state-sponsored doping schemes that the East Germans set up to ensure that their Olympic athletes were always among the best.
  • Cosmos return begins with last-minute victory
    So here we go again. The New York Cosmos starting up once more, right where they played over 40 years ago. On Long Island, at the stadium of Hofstra University.
  • The New New New York Cosmos and Seamus O'Brien's Crystal Ball
    I'm with Seamus O'Brien. The chairman of the New York Cosmos. Make that the New New New York Cosmos. For this is the second attempt to revive the legendary team of the 1970s.