• NBC guru sees modern soccer as honest brave defenders against sneaky, cheating attackers
    Jim Beglin, an Irishman, played soccer for Liverpool in the 1980s. If you're a Liverpool fan you will remember him, if not you probably won't, there was nothing particularly notable about his soccer career. Except for what happened in February 1987, when Beglin broke his leg -- that is, he had it broken for him by a wild tackle from an Everton opponent. The injury, in effect, finished Beglin's playing career.
  • Chivas USA: A good idea that was never really tried
    Adios Chivas USA. A pity, that. But I can't make much of an argument in their favor -- both on and off the field, they have slowly sunk into sub-mediocrity. And when results and attendances and income evaporate, what is a league to do?
  • Howard Webb and the referees' fear of the penalty kick
    First -- to make one thing very clear -- I think Liverpool can blame itself for losing its FA cup game to Arsenal on Sunday. Sure, it played well, did enough warrant a win -- but it simply didn't finish the chances it created. The stats tell the story: Shots on goal, Arsenal 3, Liverpool 7 -- final score Arsenal 2, Liverpool 1
  • Honoring Tom Finney -- a gentleman and a soccer player for the ages
    A legend of English soccer has died. All the games in England this weekend began with the opposing teams lined up to observe a minute's silence, or more likely -- and more naturally -- a minute's applause -- for Sir Thomas Finney, dead at the age of 91.
  • The art of ignoring rules -- and blaming them when things go wrong
    I have some strange statements from top soccer people to deal with. We'll start at the top. With Sepp Blatter, who has been giving us his opinions on the "triple-punishment" dilemma.
  • Development Academy players hit college roadblock
    A long list of names can be currently found on the U.S. Soccer website. The names are there because of the arrival, on Feb. 5, of National Signing Day. These are teenage players who have made their college choice.
  • A wacky weekend of soccer in England and Spain
    Exactly what is going on here? Maybe the soccer planets, if there be such things, are in disarray, not in the right alignment or wherever it is they're supposed to be.