• Gerrard's tragic stumble puts Liverpool in trouble
    You wonder about the role of fate. Well, I do. My pondering of the matter doesn't go too deep, and it never lasts too long. Because I'm not at all sure that I believe in fate anyway.
  • The Great Diving Menace: Finally -- from England! -- some straight talk
    At last, we have some honest down-to-earth talk about diving. From England -- which is important because it is the English who have created the Great Diving Menace, who have managed to stifle any attempt at a serious discussion by clothing the subject in an aura of religious rectitude. We are supposed to understand that we are dealing here with a moral issue, that the players who dive are cheats and are therefore to be punished. And despised.
  • Danger Ahead: Charging Goalkeepers
    It seems likely to me that Portland Timbers goalkeeper Donovan Ricketts is the bulkiest, heaviest -- simply the largest -- player in MLS.
  • MLS Disciplinary Committee works in mysterious ways
    The lack of transparency in the MLS disciplinary procedures continues to irritate me. I would have thought that it would also be a matter of some concern to MLS as well. But apparently not