• Where others fear to tread: Soccer Moms sue FIFA
    Maybe it doesn't sound like a big deal, this business of "soccer moms" suing FIFA over concussion injuries. Maybe it is something that the FIFA biggies can laugh off. At any rate, you know that's what they'll try to do.
  • Mourinho Brainwave: Forget About It
    Here comes Jose Mourinho again. He's had an idea that he says will "make the game much better."
  • As expected: permissive, English-style refereeing comes to MLS
    Diego Costa, the man Chelsea hopes will solve its goalscoring problems, got off to a great start in his debut game on Monday, scoring after just 17 minutes.
  • CAS confirms Suarez ban, UEFA victimizes Legia Warsaw
    So the four-month ban on Luis Suarez, imposed for his biting of Giorgio Chiellini, will stand. The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) turned his appeal down. No surprise there, really.
  • Landon Donovan: The Most Gifted. By far.
    It will not do to elaborate on Landon Donovan. As a soccer player, I mean. Words will simply cloud the simplicity and the beauty of his talent.
  • Churlish Guardiola snubs Porter and exposes problems of MLS All-Star game
    There are some rather important lessons to be learned from this week's MLS All-Star game. As these occasions go, this was one of the better games, featuring, for most of the time, Bayern Reserves rather than Bayern Munich.
  • Walton's fantasy referee world: No guesswork, please.
    Michael Bradley has had his say about MLS refereeing. He doesn't think much of it, and says that making it better should be the league's No. 1 priority. We, and Bradley, await the inevitable fine.