• Brazil 1 Chile 0 -- a game shaped by refereeing
    So who needs travel? My 9:30 am Sunday breakfast in New York was spent mostly watching a telecast from London ... featuring two of South America's top teams, Brazil and Chile.
  • Why are England's clubs so barely English?
    With the inglorious exit of Everton -- bounced out of the Europa League by a 5-2 mauling from Dynamo Kiev -- the participation of English clubs in this season's European competition has come to an abrupt and really rather shocking halt.
  • Why are goalkeepers allowed to get away with this?
    The picture below is from Saturday's Dallas-Kansas City game. It shows Dallas goalkeeper Chris Seitz in the process of punching the ball away.
  • Kaka comes through; Villa not quite; Kelly not at all
    The great Orlando-New York clash managed to do what so often doesn't get done ... it produced a wonderfully climactic finish and the right result.
  • IFAB nearly gets one right, UEFA gets it all wrong
    Well, well -- how about this? Had to happen some time, I suppose, so here we are: I find myself in agreement with an IFAB decision. At least, partially so.