• Concussion dangers still not fully accepted
    If ever proof were needed that the English style of refereeing is a bad model for American referees, it was provided in abundance this past weekend. Of course, I am of the opinion that no such added proof was needed anyway, so skewed is the English view of officiating.
  • The Greatest. Remembering Richie Benaud, 1930-2015
    I'll need to switch sports for a moment here. But it's important. The greatest of television sports commentators died last week. Richie Benaud, the Australian cricket commentator.
  • Stars? Bah, says Mourinho. The team -- meaning the coach, that is ME, is the one who matters
    Coaches, of course, can be relied on to say something. Without doubt they are the most frequently quoted contingent in the sport of soccer. They can also be relied on to make themselves highly visible during games by frequently throwing histrionic fits -- it wouldn't amaze me to learn that we actually see more of the coaches during a telecast than we do of any individual player.
  • Hallelujah! A terrible diving call gets rescinded!
    Regularly, at least once per season, I announce, with indignant protestations of disgust, that I have just witnessed the worst-ever diving call.
  • Lalas & Balboa agree -- breaking the rules is fine
    We all remember Alexi Lalas and Marcelo Balboa, don't we. The stalwart double act at the heart of the U.S. defense in the 1994 World Cup. A rather rustic pair. That's right -- those two. That was over 20 years ago, and they've moved on, of course.