• Impeding the goalkeeper, tackling from behind -- difficulties of definition
    The new FIFA Rule book for 2015-2016 presents the usual problem. What has been changed? The book is helpful in identifying what has been added -- any new wording is clearly indicated as such by a prominent vertical line in the margin.
  • A Soccer Rarity -- A Triumph for Common Sense
    There are three heroes in this story -- though heroes is really much too dramatic a word. Three good guys, then, who saw that something was wrong in soccer, did something about it, and got things put right.
  • Soccer's Defensive Bias (Part 2): How to blunt your own team's attacking powers
    I'll focus on one aspect of the defensive "duties" that all players are now required to assume. One that you'll hear repeatedly mouthed by the TV commentators. Tracking back. No matter how far upfield you are expected to play as a forward, you must be ready at all times to track back -- to chase an opponent, to harry him.
  • Soccer's Defensive Bias (Part 1): Chile champion! But the soccer was a total disaster
    Chile deserved its win over Argentina in the Copa America final. Well, just about. This was 120 minutes of parity, of total stalemate. So the grotesque mechanism of the shootout decided matters, and Chile was certainly the better team at that.
  • The Beautiful Game lights up Yankee Stadium
    That the expected, hyped, awaited, delayed, announced and finally postponed debut of Frank Lampard with NYC FC didn't happen during Sunday's game against Toronto was no doubt a disappointment to many.
  • MLS plays down the passion thing
    Toward the end of last month, a decidedly curious press release sprang forth from MLS headquarters.