• Trickery, incompetence and ignorance -- the tale of a Red Bulls corner kick
    So the Red Bulls got away with one against Chicago last week -- their use of a ploy to catch the Chicago defenders off guard, led directly to Ronald Zubar's goal that tied the game at 2-2.
  • It's time for FIFA to move out of the Alps
    It has occurred to me at regular intervals during the past decades that one of the problems that entangle FIFA is this: its location. Switzerland. Is that a good place to be for an organization in charge of a sport that can lay claim to being the most global activity that the world has ever known?
  • Beware the banalysts and the blight of banalysis
    The usual tripe from the TV commentators this past weekend: "The more they can get the ball, the more they can create." Or how about "Both teams want to win"? There was plenty more such pathetic stuff -- but of course, you listen to a lot of it as you want to get some insight as to what's going on.
  • Soccer and Metrics (Part 2): A troubled partnership
    OK then. The aim of metrics in soccer is to improve player performance. After that, the problems begin.
  • Soccer and Metrics (Part 1): Beyond the marketing silliness
    Now here's a nice example of the extravagances, the exaggerations the deceptions, and, yes, the downright silliness that are inescapably linked to the methods of the marketeers.