• So bad, all you can do is laugh
    Manchester City's shootout victory over Liverpool in the Capital Cup was what we now almost expect from grand finals -- disappointing, short on good soccer, miserly on goals.
  • Demands for a more physical game should fall upon deaf ears
    Right at the end of Vancouver's preseason game against Chicago there was a coming-together of players. That's a term that has been cropping up in ref-talk lately. It denotes a collision but -- possibly -- it shades the meaning slightly. A collision carries the suggestion of hard contact, something, if not violent, then certainly forceful.
  • Rule Changes: The best, the worst -- and one that needs reversal
    While awaiting the latest changes to the rules (the IFAB will announce them at the beginning of next month), I have been amusing myself trying to decide which has been the best and which the worst of the changes made during the past 25 years -- since 1990. And which change I would make, were I in charge of the rules, to improve the game.
  • Arena and the Lawnmower: Why, Bruce, why ...?
    Bruce Arena's signing of Nigel de Jong is a shameful episode. The most experienced American coach of the lot, with so much to admire about him ... what can have possessed him?