• Castillo goes, MLS loses
    The Turkish city of Trabzon holds a cherished place in my thoughts. Not that I've ever been there, or will ever go. But in my youth I read a most wonderful novel, "The Towers of Trebizond" -- and the ancient town with the lovely name of Trebizond has lost none of its attraction for me by becoming a modern Turkish town with an ugly name that sounds like a prescription drug -- Trabzon.
  • Farewell Sigi -- for the moment
    So Sigi Schmid has gone the way of all coaches who don't win games, or don't win enough games, or don't win the important games ... coaches who, we are told, have lost the locker room, or who have run their course, while the club needs to take "another path," to move "to the next level," and so on and so forth and what have you.
  • MLS DisCo makes another dubious diving decision
    The MLS Disciplinary Committee -- the DisCo -- continues its far from satisfactory activities.
  • Copa America: a lively tournament, a scandalously poor final
    The grand final of Copa America Centenario was simply a disgrace. An ugly, shameful event. It sullied what had been an enjoyable tournament, it utterly ruined what should have been a wonderful evening of the best the sport has to offer.