• VAR: Howard Webb's skewed videos
    In no time at all we shall be getting, in MLS, the benefits of video replays to help referees make the right calls.
  • Chuck Blazer 1945-2017: The Fatally Flawed Friend
    The tragedy that was Chuck Blazer is now over. And tragedy it assuredly was, a good man destroyed by his own excesses, a man capable of wondrous warmth and humanity who ended up vilified as The Soccer Rat.
  • New medical study shows FIFA protocol is being ignored
    To laugh ... or to cry? There is no middle course here, no way of dodging the utter failure of soccer's response to the concussion crisis. No way to ignore the inadequacy of the protocol, no way to pretend you haven't noticed the pathetic hesitancy of referees when confronted with head injuries.