• On replacing warm-ups with a pill
    NBC's coverage of EPL games regularly features occasions when we're transported early to the stadium, way before kickoff.
  • College Soccer: A game in search of definition
    Is college soccer ever going to wake up to the reality of the outside (soccer) world? The question poses itself acutely every year when the Division I final gives us an instructive look at what is happening on the college fields.
  • Pro-defense bias continues to mar English refereeing
    Watching a couple of EPL games on Sunday provided a telling insight into what, for me, is the major weakness of English refereeing.
  • Oh dear, Toronto vs Seattle again. Here's hoping for a real game this time.
    Coming up -- the MLS final between Toronto and Seattle. Well, we've had that before. That's the trouble here. We had Toronto-Seattle last year. And a pretty damn awful game it was.