• Mourinho: 'I won't change.' Nor, it seems, will goalkeepers
    Two things: 1) trying not to be irritated by Jose Mourinho, and 2) another goalkeeper incident.
  • Making a case for soccer nonsense
    Trapped in my New York apartment. An exaggeration. But it is snowing quite hard. And this is the third week of March.
  • The Phantom Foul that injured Harry Kane exposes rulebook flaw
    Harry Kane is seen by English fans as a major reason for giving England a chance of showing well in this year's World Cup.
  • Referees' pro-defense bias: an unfounded, damaging tradition that must be abandoned
    Decidedly interesting comments from former England striker Michael Owen. He came clean on a dive that he took in England's game against Argentina during the 2002 World Cup. David Beckham scored from the penalty, the only goal of the game. England won and Argentina was out of the World Cup.
  • MLS refs, and VAR, follow English lead by going easy on physical fouls
    Both in the English Premier League and in MLS there were some pretty bad referee calls this past weekend.
  • The four-letter word that threatens to sabotage MLS moves against goalkeeper violence
    The news from Howard Webb and his PRO group of referees is good -- but not good enough.