• Colombia's miracle escape from soccer's red-card ejection rule
    A good deal of attention has been focused on the functioning of the VAR system during this World Cup. Rightly so, for it represents a revolution in soccer thinking
  • Another team to be taken seriously: England
    Last week I made a point: that it was time for the soccer world to take Mexico seriously. And now we have another team that merits the same attention: England.
  • Time for world soccer -- especially the USA -- to start taking Mexico seriously
    The Mexicans have been very, very patient. Far too patient, I think, in trying to establish their right to belong up there with the top soccer countries.
  • VAR and the insidious spread of technology
    There are problems with the VAR system that FIFA has decided to introduce at the World Cup. That decision itself is quite likely the biggest of the problems.
  • Should referee calls be swayed by player reputations?
    For some decades now, I have been asking referees -- at all levels -- a certain question. At least one hundred referees, I'd say, have given me an answer to this question: