• College Soccer (Part 3): A Dreamland where only radical change can ensure a place in soccer's pyramid
    So here comes the difficult bit. Trying to make a coherent whole of my dealings with and memories of college soccer since 1960.
  • Men's College Soccer (Part 2): 1972 to 2020, the years of the draft ... and inertia
    The 1971 Division 1 Final (Howard 3 St Louis 2) played in the cavernous -- and lamentably empty -- Orange Bowl started my rethink about college soccer.
  • Sixty years of trying to assess men's college soccer (Part 1)
    College soccer -- the men's version -- has been going through something of a crisis recently. Caused by the fear that the NCAA might take action that would threaten the very existence of many college soccer programs. The threat still hovers.