• Bournemouth, victimized by a colossal VAR/Hawk-Eye error, deserves compensation
    If there's one factor above all others that thoroughly incenses me about VAR, it's this business of dictatorial offside decisions based on millimetric measurements.
  • Pochettino to Atlanta? Or has Bob Bradley proved the new coach doesn't have to be Latino?
    When Atlanta announced that it had signed Frank De Boer as the coach to replace Tata Martino, I called the appointment a "betrayal."
  • Twellman's curious praise for roughhouse soccer
    If you were a season-ticket holder with a big club and found that, seated next to you at every game, there was Taylor Twellman, how long before you requested a different seat?
  • Was British soccer ever that great?
    Some years ago I read an article in the English press that greatly irritated me. I tore the page from the newspaper and put it aside for further study.