• The Drawbacks of the Jesse Marsch Approach
    Some assumptions are necessary here, before I get to my main point. Assumption No. 1: that, a few weeks back, a new president of U.S. Soccer was elected.
  • More Problems with VAR and Goalkeepers
    The oddities that surround VAR decisions continue to baffle. Last Wednesday's decision to nix Atlanta's early goal against Kansas City, for example.
  • Referees and communication: a long history of non-compliance
    We can thank VAR for the almost vaudeville images we now see of soccer referees drawing imaginary rectangles in air.
  • Ronaldo's golazo: The best ever? Maybe, along with quite a few others
    The gasps of astonishment and the avalanche of praise that greeted Ronaldo's superb bicycle kick goal against Juventus held a particular interest to me.
  • Mourinho: 'I won't change.' Nor, it seems, will goalkeepers
    Two things: 1) trying not to be irritated by Jose Mourinho, and 2) another goalkeeper incident.
  • Making a case for soccer nonsense
    Trapped in my New York apartment. An exaggeration. But it is snowing quite hard. And this is the third week of March.
  • The Phantom Foul that injured Harry Kane exposes rulebook flaw
    Harry Kane is seen by English fans as a major reason for giving England a chance of showing well in this year's World Cup.
  • Referees' pro-defense bias: an unfounded, damaging tradition that must be abandoned
    Decidedly interesting comments from former England striker Michael Owen. He came clean on a dive that he took in England's game against Argentina during the 2002 World Cup. David Beckham scored from the penalty, the only goal of the game. England won and Argentina was out of the World Cup.
  • MLS refs, and VAR, follow English lead by going easy on physical fouls
    Both in the English Premier League and in MLS there were some pretty bad referee calls this past weekend.
  • The four-letter word that threatens to sabotage MLS moves against goalkeeper violence
    The news from Howard Webb and his PRO group of referees is good -- but not good enough.
  • Finding a way to make a meaningful vote
    I have been pondering how I shall vote in the U.S. Soccer presidential election. Of course, I do not actually, officially, have a vote. But who knows, maybe some zany chain of events will force U.S. Soccer to acknowledge my expertise in these matters, so I intend to be ready.
  • J'accuse!!
    I have an accusation to level at the sport of soccer. Against FIFA, IFAB, the international confederations, the national federations -- in fact all the governing bodies of the sport, everywhere in the world. Plus all referees.
  • Wenger and Guardiola on English refs -- too chatty and too focused on diving
    It's taken a while, but a top coach in England has had the nerve to criticize the Premier League's high-minded, not to mention seriously flawed, campaign against diving.
  • On replacing warm-ups with a pill
    NBC's coverage of EPL games regularly features occasions when we're transported early to the stadium, way before kickoff.
  • College Soccer: A game in search of definition
    Is college soccer ever going to wake up to the reality of the outside (soccer) world? The question poses itself acutely every year when the Division I final gives us an instructive look at what is happening on the college fields.
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