• To face the crisis of its heading problem, soccer must consider changing its rules. A ban on long goal kicks is an obvious option.
    We now know so much about the long-term effects -- particularly the behavioral problems -- that head injuries can cause.
  • Part 2: Learning about soccer -- from jazz, and from the words of a great poet
    Does this complication of soccer improve the game, make it more entertaining, more worth watching?
  • Learning about soccer -- from jazz, and from the words of a great poet (Part 1)
    This starts way back, way, way back, during the 1940s when I was a teenager in England. The war had just ended
  • Small-town Spennymoor FC at tiny Brewery Field hosts a major moment for world soccer
    Maybe, amid the welter of La Liga, Serie A, EPL, Bundesliga, La Ligue and MLS games, you will have noticed that Spennymoor FC took on Team Solan.
  • Liverpool and Man City give us a game to remember
    I'll start this by going back three years, almost to the day. It's October 7, 2018. We're at Anfield. TV pundit Graeme Souness was beside himself.
  • A Goal in a Thousand
    I'm not the praying sort, but how I wished for that goal. Me and tens of thousands of others. And Raul.
  • Random thoughts on systems, goalkeepers, and referees
    That concussion protocol is often not being taken seriously, and not properly administered, has been pretty obvious for some time.
  • Good bye Jimmy Greaves, the boy-genius of English soccer
    My thoughts and opinions about soccer, a somewhat incoherent bustling jumble, received a jolt on Sunday morning.
  • Now who's making soccer's rules? Is it IFAB? Or the English Premier League?
    A week or so ago I was busy damning FIFA and IFAB for not making rule changes that would ensure that soccer would be an entertaining game.
  • Soccer: A sport handicapped by its own lack of vision
    UEFA has ditched the away-goals rule. Good news or bad news? Neither, really. Simply a matter of facing up to the facts.
  • FIFA and IFAB still dodging the question: Does heading have a future?
    We now have the FA researchers sitting on a mountain of research, virtually all of which points in one direction.
  • A brutal experience for Mexico's Chucky Lozano
    Brutality? In soccer? Not very often, I would think. I don't ever remember using the word myself, and am pretty sure I haven't ever heard it from soccer people.
  • Quite a weekend -- Italy wins at Wembley and Messi's Argentina triumphs in the Maracana
    There has always been a lot of the "cometh the hour, cometh the man" about the Italians -- remember Paolo Rossi in 1982? or Andrea Pirlo in 2006?
  • Here we go again -- another s-crappy final
    Pep Guardiola-- the world's greatest soccer coach, it seems -- had assured us: this Champions League final would be a great "advert for football."
  • The return of Atlanta brilliance? Not yet.
    My aim was to see whether the Frank De Boer blight had been eliminated, whether Atlanta was rediscovering its Latin style.
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