• We expected a rousing Liverpool vs. Manchester City game. We got a boring Jurgen Klopp vs. Pep Guardiola stalemate
    It was a busy Sunday for me, so I limited my soccer gazing. Just one TV game: Liverpool-Manchester City.
  • Thoughts on the Englishness of the English Premier League
    The English Premier League certainly displayed its diversity credentials this past weekend.
  • England: 'We talk about diving all the time ...'
    Reading the English press, listening to the British commentators, it's quite impossible to escape the topic of diving.
  • The lectures that referees give to players: Meaningless? Embarrassing? Childish? Farcical? Probably all of the above
    I have been trying for quite a few years now to persuade referees to let me listen in on what they say to players during a game. Not live, a tape will do nicely.
  • Today's coaches could learn a lot from Ron Newman (1934-2018)
    Ron Newman, without any doubt, was the Bill Veeck, or maybe it was the Casey Stengel - of pro soccer, a mischievous spirit who understood that if soccer was to be popular in the USA,
  • D.C. United vs. Orlando -- and a glaring VAR failure that MLS needs to explain
    If referees are reluctant to penalize goalkeepers (obviously, they are), now we have the option of VAR replay scanning to set matters aright.
  • A splendid All-Star evening in Atlanta -- only the ending was off-key
    From Atlanta, there was -- almost -- nothing but good news. A glittering evening, a huge, record crowd, lots of good players, and some pretty good soccer.
  • Soccer's way with words -- and the 'performing' of the national anthem
    So George Orwell was right? Words, it seems, are losing their meaning.
  • World Cup 2018 Part 2: The VAR Revolution
    How about VAR -- a revolutionary development in refereeing -- how did that fare? Pretty well, I'd say. As it ought to have done -- I mean, who is going to argue with VAR's basic job?
  • World Cup 2018 Part 1: The French Revolution
    The signs that the 2018 World Cup was not going to be business as usual came early.
  • The set-piece mindset: not a good idea for soccer
    Yikes! Here they come again! The set-piece merchants, the soccer commentators who will keep insisting that our sport is all about "set pieces."
  • VAR totally fails to seize its chance for glory
    If ever there was a tricky soccer situation that was waiting to be solved by VAR, surely it was the problem of goalkeeper movement at penalty kicks.
  • Colombia's miracle escape from soccer's red-card ejection rule
    A good deal of attention has been focused on the functioning of the VAR system during this World Cup. Rightly so, for it represents a revolution in soccer thinking
  • Another team to be taken seriously: England
    Last week I made a point: that it was time for the soccer world to take Mexico seriously. And now we have another team that merits the same attention: England.
  • Time for world soccer -- especially the USA -- to start taking Mexico seriously
    The Mexicans have been very, very patient. Far too patient, I think, in trying to establish their right to belong up there with the top soccer countries.
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