• From Quarantine -- A Memoir: Me, soccer, Stanley Matthews, the Potteries and Arnold Bennett
    The immobility of quarantine at least gives one time to think, to reflect, to remember. I've been playing around with all three.
  • Between the lines with the back shoulder, not forgetting the low-block 5-3-2
    When people start using arcane language to make matters clearer, you can be quite sure that they are not trying to clarify. They are trying to mystify.
  • Messi yellow card exposes the soccer rules snafu
    Playing in a dangerous manner is what goalkeepers are doing every time they dive to the ground at an opponent's feet.
  • Wow! UEFA nails Man City -- and how
    Something to classify alongside flying pigs: one of soccer's richest clubs being severely punished by the sport itself.
  • How much longer can soccer put up with the clueless IFAB?
    Surely it is time to cry Enough! and do away with the antiquated and dangerously useless International Football Association Board, IFAB?
  • Soccer and technological doping
    The phrase "technological doping" has been hovering over sports -- all of them -- for some time now. More as a vague, ill-defined problem than a clearly identifiable threat.
  • The EPL puts on a show -- only the referees disappoint
    The level of English Premier League play and the entertainment value have been consistently high.
  • An object lesson in how to ignore Latino soccer
    You will know, I think, the medical tale -- a surgical joke really -- about the operation that was completely successful. Just unfortunate that the patient died.
  • U.S. Soccer coaching courses in Spanish? Not a big deal.
    So U.S. Soccer has decided to run coaching instruction courses ... in Spanish. Not all the courses, you understand.
  • Fiasco in Brazil: U.S. Soccer must take most of the blame for the U-17 failure
    The sorry story of the USA's drubbing at the Under-17 World Cup currently being played in Brazil defies any sensible explanation.
  • High scoring adds sparkle to playoffs -- but MLS should look closely at faulty refereeing
    The single-game playoff format has much to recommend it. The game has to be won, there is no playing for a tie. The do-or-die atmosphere definitely injects excitement and suspense into the games.
  • The misuse of VAR, the sins of goalkeepers ... and a big thank you to Lee Dixon
    From the English Premier League comes more evidence that VAR -- a tool of undoubted value -- is being seriously misused.
  • Goalkeepers revisited
    Goalkeepers slamming into an opponent, often making violent contact with his head, remains part of the goalkeeper's repertoire.
  • To the U.S. Soccer Federation . . . In Anger
    My congratulations to the United States Soccer Federation. The ignorance, the arrogance, the bias, the total lack of awareness ...
  • Another colossal VAR gaffe in England
    Referee Mike Dean never looked at the replays. In the EPL version of VAR, use of the field-side monitor is discouraged.
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